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Our more than two decades of industry experience, modern production facilities as well as service support of experienced team allow us to successfully meet the demands of the Saudi market either in terms of panel board manufacturing or installation of Engineering Technology systems.

Etkan factory is a private limited company it is one of Alhussaini Group incorporated on 1997 is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company in December 2007. We have over 5 years of experience in the engineering and manufacture of low voltage switchboard assemblies, distribution panels, starter panels. PGSB offers products and services to support a wide range of commercial facilities and construction projects including commercial, industrial and residential.

This company provides a total service with expert technical support. Most of the customers come from a wide range of industries including commercial and industrial. Our production factory can supply all types of electrical switchboard in KSA as well as overseas. We also provide a total service with expert technical support. Our customers come from various industries including commercial, industrial and public sector.

Etkan factory has specialization is Automation Control Panels that comprises of Electrical AMF Panels, Electrical PLC Panels, Electrical APFC Panels, Electrical MCC Panels, and Electrical PCC Panels.

Low Voltage Control Panels like Main LT Panels, APFC Capacitor bank Panels, Power Motor Control Centre, Power Control Centre, Motor Control Centre, Synchronizing Panel, Control & Relay Panels, L.T. & H.T. Bus Ducts (segregated & non segregated), Rising Mains, Enclosures & Mass Production of Typical Panels and control solutions. Wiring and testing of different MCC, PCC, RTCC, RLMS Instrumentation Panels, Automation Panels with PLC's and Bus Ducts are accomplished according to customers' specifications.

We are supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians who helps in executing a perfect product range that best fit to customers’ expectations. Our qualified engineers are backbone of the company who enables us to accomplish the project perfectly and within the stipulated time frame matching to clients’ specifications.


Our Advantage:

-Knowledgeable, Experienced, and Successful in the Industry.
-Customized Turnkey solution across industry.
-Well-defined quality process (ISO Certified)
-A dedicated, Efficient and Energetic Workforce.

Our Vision:

To be the Leading Quality Provider of Electrical Solution for our Customers

Our Mission:

To help our customers get the right electrical solutions and to build a company with a high efficiency professional.


Quality Assurance

we take proper inspection and testing measures in order to ensure fabrication of absolutely flawless products. We adopt the following inspection & testing procedures:

Inspection During Fabrication

-Visual Inspection is carried out to ensure
-Grinding of welds outside the panels is smooth and without any blemishes
-Gap between the doors, when assembled, is uniform

-Full dimension checks are carried to ensure compliance with customer drawings


Functional Inspection

-The various accessories in the control panel are inspected to ensure
-Door locks are tightened & are free from ratting

-Bus bar is supported



- AMADA Bending Machine
- AFM Auto-shearing
- AFM Auto-bender
- NC Tube Bending Machine
- Electrolytic Power Coating Machine

         - TIG Welding Machine

         - Electrical Test Equipment

         - Pipe/Tube bending Machine



- Well-experienced professional & skilled manpower for product manufacturing

- Professional trained AutoCAD and CAD/CAM designer.

- Well-trained engineers, staff etc.


We are electrical engineering, contracting and switchboard manufacturing business specializing in:

Switchboard Design and Manufacture

Installation (Commercial / Industrial) – Switchboard PLC Control Systems panels



Servicing & Site Modification:

To refurbate low voltage switchgear assemblies
To change bus bar system and changeover switch on-site
To calibrate protection relays like over current and earth fault
To supply parts and service for low voltage switchgear assemblies.

Industrial supplies - Wide range of industrial supplies for commercial and industrial. MCCB, MCB, ELCB, ACB, Switchgear, Low voltage / High voltage switchgear (ABB, Schneider electric , LS, Terasaki, Chint), Custom Heat Sink, Transformer (VA), Motors (Ns), Siemens PLC control ..

Pipe works for laboratories, hotels, kitchen and restaurants

Engraving Services

Electrical equipment calibration such as primary injection test and secondary injection test. This include testing for earth fault relay, over current relay and earth leakage relay.



Our Process:

Based on our 20 years experience in this industry, we have come out a safety and reliable modular type switchboard panel. We have a team of experienced engineer and technician always working toward a system for all your applications requiring a high level of dependability. Our design teams inclusive of electrical circuit designer and panel designer.


Our design goals are to achieve :
Standard parts for various brand of switchgear
Fast manufacturing
Easy modifications and maintenance
Optimized dimension and layout inside the switchboard

Easy power and auxiliary connection for others party


Our Fabrication


For the mechanical parts fabrication, our switchboard manufacturing is fully computerized. Our integrated CAD/CAM software, CNC machines and NC machines are taken part from the initial design stage to the final product fabrication. For the painting process, all our products are coated by epoxy powder coating with chemical treatment for antirust and oven baked.


Our Assembly:

-Parts assembly
-Component assembly
-Busbar Fabrication and Installation
-Cabling and Control Wiring Installation


Our Testing:

-Equipment mounted on the panel is functional
-Air installation test is carried out with the help of meager
-Final Inspection
-Final inspection is performed to check, whether the gaskets are properly installed, and accessories in the panel are symmetrical or not
-To ensure the switchboard assemblies are in compliance IEC standard and requirement, a joint witnessed testing will be conducted at our factory before delivery. The testing procedure include :
-Visual Inspection
-Inspection of wiring and electrical operation test
-Busbar Fabrication and Installation
-Dielectric test
-Checking of protective measures and electrical continuity of the protective circuits

-Verification of insulation resistance


Our Standard

-IS European standard IEC 60439-1 , IEC 50298, EN 50298 with Type tested prisma P
-EN 62208, IEC 61439-2 with Prisma G

-IEC 60947 for all electrical components


Our Electrical Study

-All projects electrical components selections are done after make electrical calculation study by using those
-Professional programs
-ECODIAL: Short circuit calculations program from SE.
-Rabsody: Panels assembly program from SE 
-Docwin: Short circuit calculations program from SE
-We are ready always to give any client all kinds of consultation be helpful to complete their electrical scope design 


P.O.Box 335039 RIYADH 11341 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: 011-265 2716/011-265 3954
Fax:011-498 0883
E-Mail For General Inquiry:
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