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From its inception in 1998, Electrolink Co.Ltd We Are committed to quality in manufacture of Cable Management Systems, namely Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, Cable Trunking  and Linkstrut Metal framing Systems, used to support industrial and commercial equipments for electrical, mechanical instrumentation, civil and telecommunications. Catering to all aspects, Electrolink engineers are working side by side with contractors, planning and design engineers, giving the necessary information on the products to be used during the design, construction and installation process.
Electrolink Co.Ltd Use only high quality raw material and adopt strict quality controls on all of the production process and surface treatments applied on its product, knowing  well that corrosive environment and inferior quality raw materials are the most serious adversary guarantees customers of our sincere commitment to quality and their satisfaction.
Electrolink Co.Ltd. Have grown and gained its reputation in the Industrial and construction field and are trusted by reputable companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries for their major products, resulting  in continuous growth and expansion of the company beyond its humble expectation. Encouraged by these developments, Electrolink has now embarked on further expansion program for the next 3 years, which will include collaboration with companies of international repute and culminating in ISO 9000 accreditation.
Electrolink Co.Ltd in collaboration with its customers is proud of its strict and exacting product design and engineering through its continuous research and development.Our continuous commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction is our main mission and vision towards future.


ELECTROLINK believes it has a powerful role to play in strengthening our communities. Our strong culture of service, ethics and authentic desire to make meaningful  social impact, that also delivers significant business value, is at the heart of all our community involvement initiatives. Whether times are good or bad, we believe that we have more to offer than just our checkbook.Our deep commitment to skills-based service, and thought leadership serves as the foundation of our multi-faceted community involvement strategy.


Think- We use our best thinking to help systematic deal with strategic, operational and financial challenges so they can do more to help more people and communities in need.


Invest-We complement our best thinking with financial resources to help people and communities thrive.


Go Ahead- We share our best thinking to spark advances in supporting  communities and skills-based volunteerism through advocacy, awareness, influence and example.We are committed to creating and sharing new research, content and insights on ways corporations can leverage skills-based volunteerism.

The goal of Electrolink Company Limited is to manufacture and sale of Cable Management products that include Cable Trays, Ladders, Trunking and fabrication of Steel Structures, in different finishing types such as Aluminum, Mill Galvanized and Hot Dip Galvanized and powder coated.

In addition to that the Company has its own Galvanizing Plant has been installed within its premises that provides quick Surface Treatment of the Company’s products and consequently helps quick deliverance of the material to our clients with utmost ease and efficiency.The Plant has 4 ton per hour capability and thus also accepts orders from our clients for galvanization exclusively.

Since the inauguration of the Company two more than 2 decades ago, the emphasis has always been given to Quality of the products using high quality material and strict Quality Control on all of the production processes and Surface Treatment of the products, Keeping in view the safety measures essential to combat corrosive environment.We account for Customer Satisfaction as our motto and for that reason we earned an edge in the market.

We further elaborate below some of our main products that gained high repute at market place and remained source of our fame in the industrial and construction and communication sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad in the Middle Eastern Countries for their major projects:

Cable Trays  are produced in 2.44 meter and 3 meter lengths and offered in four different type of sections:Plain, Outside Returned Flange, Inside Returned Flange and 90 degree Inside Flange; and manufacture its Fittings as well. We recommend and propose our standard products for customer’s easy choice and guidance.If customers suggest different specifications, we have to manufacture and supply the Cable Trays and its Fittings strictly following their Dimensional Requirements.Our finishing standard is Mill Galvanized Finish (BS 2989) and Hot Dip Galvanized after Fabrication Finish FS 729 (ISO 1461 1999 CE.

Cable Ladders are fabricated in specifications: Medium Duty with Outside Flange and Heavy Duty with Outside Returned Upper Flange for extra rigidity and standard lengths are 2.44 and 3.0 meters. Lengths of 3.858 meters and 7.315 meters are available on request. Standard Finishes are Mill Galvanized to BS 2989 (ASTM 525 –G90) and Hot Dip Galvanized after Fabrication Finish to BS 729 (SS-EN-ISO 1461).Rungs are either riveted type (for Light Duty LD series).Welded to side members type (for medium and Heavy Duty MU and HS series) or the swaged round tubular rungs type (for Heavy Duty AM series).To suit customer’s requirements optional materials and finishes are also available.

Cable Trunking (standard) is manufactured in single and multi-compartments to BS4678 Part 1 1988 Class 3 using pre-galvanized steel to  BS2989. The Trunking is produced in  2.44 and 3 meters length, complete with covers and fixing screws. Kwik Fix Cable Trunking Covers are secure by a recessed turn-bar assembly which only requires a quarter turn to provide an efficient and durable fastening. Screw Fix Cable Trunking covers are secured by M5 screws which are fitted to the tapped hole on the return flange of the trunking. Other optional Types of Trunking are also available such as Underfloor, Flushfloor, Skirting, Dado, Bench, Cavity Floor, Shallow Flushfloor, Recessed and Chequer Plate.

Linkstrut Metal Framing System: This system, known for it versatility, makes installation easy and simple with minimum hand tools needed for fixing.It avoids welding for on site fabrication jobs.Its components are:Link Strut Channels and Channel Combinations, Flat Plate Fittings, Flat Plate Gusset Fittings, 90 Degree Angle Fittings, Wing Fittings, ”U” fittings and “z” Fittings and Channel Connectors, Clevis and Angular Fittings, Post Bases, Beam Clamps, Clevises, Standard Brackets and Supports.

Shelter Material:  More or less Shelter Material is somewhat similar to Multi compartment Cable Trunking to be supplied in various dimensions according to STC standard.The material also includes Cable Racks, Cable Trough, Channels, Newton Ground Bar Assembly, Rectifier Box, MDB Pull Box, BATB Box, Souder Box, Key Pad Box, Receptical Box, Infrared Motion Detectors, Door Closers, Coupler for Fire Alarm, many types of hardware, etc.

Special Fabrications:  We have the expertise to manufacture several Special Material such as Antenna Mounts, Gantry Supports, Step Ladders, Shelter Beams, Gangways and Cable Support Frames.

Note: This is, a brief narrative about Electrolink Company Limited.For in depth study one has to go through all of our Catalogues and production process.


Our Vision

To be a leading manufacturer of Cable  Management System and STEEL FABRICATION Company in KSA and Middle East committed for excellence in providing value added, innovate, in a professional way with best quality in line with the modern system and global concepts to meet  the needs of our clients and receive the highest levels of client satisfaction.

Our Mission

We provide exceptionally outstanding highest possible quality product and services that exceeds our client’s expectations.

Our Methodology

To implement the highest professional standards and methodologies in providing Cable Management System products and STEEL FABRICATION work through our experienced team members.

Our Core Values

-We place the customer experience at the core of all, that’s the reason for our existence.
-All Our staff member  value customer satisfaction with intentions of providing a fair and honest statistical service that is highly respected.
-We invite our customers to question us and provide propositions for better  service delivery.
-We are individually accountable and collectively responsible.
-We will treat our Customers with politeness, caution and due respect
-We treat every statistical requirement in a professional manner with effective promptness
-Our focus will be client oriented and free from bias and status quo considerations
-Our policy is Honesty
-We Respect the humanity
-Our team is Creative
-Our way of working as a Teamwork



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