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Historical brief :

Arabian brothers Co. (abc) is one of the national companies that was established in Riyadh 2006 to start its mission to supply water pumps and their accessories of two well known international companies : Grundfos and Ebara. ABC starts to serve the wholesales sector in the middle and eastern regions by keeping enough stock with suitable prices.

On 2010, ABC became part of Alhussaini Industrial Group which holds others well known factories : MOTS, Electrolink, and Itkan. This joining had a strong influence to ABC. It enables ABC to serve new markets by new items such as Control panels for pumps. As a consequence, on 2011, ABC started to serve Electromechanical Contractors sector by employing professional engineers providing suitable tools.

On 2012, ABC has established a new branch in Jeddah (Albaladiyah street) to cover the western and southern regions. This Branch has all facilities (Location, professional staff, and adequate stock) to serve : Wholesales dealers, Contractors, and End users.

After Success in Jeddah, on 2013, ABC started to establish a new branch in Dammam (King Saud street) that  has the same facilities as Jeddah branch has. This branch will cover the eastern region in the same good way that happened in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Nowadays, Arabian Brothers Co. (abc) is continuing progress to open further branches (Qassim, Tabouk, Khamis mshaite . . etc) and employing more people to satisfy more clients, provide better quality and serve faster.



Our Vision :

To be the fastest to serve our customers and giving them a strong feeling of support.                            

Our Mission :

ABC Provides its customer the high quality pumps and all related items at  places which they expect to find them there and also provides the customers  the necessary know how to deal with ABC’s products.

Our Values :

  • Respect the Client.
  • Give him more than his expectations.
  • Don’t Cheat.
  • Learn and Teach continuously.
  • Our employees deserve : Respect, Justice, and Appreciation.
  • Long term relationship with our Suppliers.
  • Matching with the National Goals is an essential.

Facts about ABC :

  • The owner : Mr. Abdulaziz Alhussaini and Mr. Ahmad Alhussaini.
  • Management : Engineer Omar Nemer is the General Manager.
  • Head quarter Location : Riyadh- Old Kharj Road.
  • Contact numbers : Tel (2133557 + 4954353)  Fax (2133557 ext 106)
  • E-mail add. (
  • Branches : Jeddah (Albaladiyah street) and Dammam (King Saud street)
  • Capital : Seven Million Saudi Riyals .
  • Employees : 17 employees 75% of them are engineers and technicians.
  • Financial status : Continuous growth in Sales and Profits.
  • Inventory : ABC has the main inventory (2000 cm) in Riyadh and two other inventories in Jeddah and Dammam (65 cm ) per each.
  • Structure :

  • Saudization : ABC committed to achieve the Saudization goals in all employment procedures.  



Our Services :

ABC plays Basically the role of importing different materials and supplying them to the customers who are looking for high quality water pumps. Beside that ABC keeps an adequate Stock of pumps for faster delivery. This means that ABC is doing the following:

  • Communicate with suppliers to :
  • Get better prices for our customers.
  • Get Technical support for them.
  • Provide customers the knowhow of pumping applications.
  • Complete production and shipping.
  • Handling the duty of shipping and completion of Customs Authority procedures.
  • Keeping an adequate stock of pumps of different sizes and models to decrease the delivery period for our customers.
  • Technical inspection for all imported items to make sure that they comply with our customers requirements.
  • Manufacturing and Assembling as per clients needs :
  • Installing Control Panels.
  • Production of steel bases.
  • Production of Steel or Stainless steel Manifolds.
  • Installing all types of fittings : Valves, Chech valve, Expansion joints, . .etc.
  • Testing all assembled units.
  • Delivery of pumps and units to the locations which were specified by the client according to his contract with abc.
  •  Testing and Commissioning all pumps and units at site.
  • Providing the client all required documents such as : Certificate of origion, Quality certificate, Performance testing reports, Warranty letter, and testing reports at site.
  • For excellence, our well trained team can show other services for our clients :
  • Preparing all hydraulic calculations to specify the H/Q requirements at projects.
  • Training courses for all engineers who are working for Consulting offices, Contracting companies, Ministries, and universities.
  • Providing the scientific articles and references to all people who can ask for them.
  • Answering for all technical inquiries that is related to pumping applications.

Our Products :

ABC has a variety of products for its customers. ABC has some consideration which is followed when deciding to deal with a specific brand :

  • High quality and Durability .
  • The manufacturer has to be famous and has a long experience.
  • Manufacturers Production capability and stability of delivery periods.
  • Suppliers corporation to solve customers’ problems.

The main item which is supplied by ABC are :

  • Horizontal water pumps : single stage, multistage or split case. With or without base and coupling.
  • Vertical water pumps : single or multistage.
  • Circulation pumps : with sealing or sealless.
  • Self priming pumps.
  • Submersible Deep well pumps.
  • Submersible pumps for Drainage, Sewage and dewatering applications. With or without float switches. With cutter or without. Non clog or vortex. Works with dry or wet pits.
  • Booster Set of different compositions. Complete with all fittings, manifolds and control panels. It can be assembled according the customer’s specifications.
  • Fire fighting Units: Local Assembled or FM approved/ UL listed.
  • Vertical turbine pumps.
  • Electric Control Panels for all pumps applications. Schneider components is used.
  • Electric Motors : Low or high speed for power limit exceeds 100 hp.
  • Electric Transformers : up to 450 KVA.

The main Brands at ABC :

  • Grundfos : One of the biggest pump suppliers in the world. The headquarter is in Danmark.
  • Ebara : Also is one of the biggest pump supplier in the world. The headquarter is in Japan.
  • Techtop : Electric Motors made in China with high quality.
  • Schneider : Electronic components for control panels made in France.

Main references :

By the motivated and well trained staff, ABC succeeded to deliver to a lot of projects within a short period. ABC had got so many of approval from different ministries and organizations. Some of them are (Most recent):

  • Supplying more than 115 booster sets for Housing of Tabouk university./ High education ministry. (2012).
  • Manufacturing & Supplying all Booster sets for Al-Aflaj collage/High education ministry (2012)
  •  Manufacturing & Supplying all Booster sets for Arar collage/ High education ministry (2012)
  • Manufacturing & Supplying Booster sets for the Municipality building of Dareya/    (2013)
  • Supplying FM/UL  Fire fighting sets for the martial factories at Kharj city.(2013)
  • Manufacturing & Supplying Skid pumps of high capacity to Tayba university in Madina/ High education ministry. (2012)
  • Supplying around 29 of split case pumps to Alqassim university./ High education ministry. (2013)
  • Supplying End Suction pumps to Dharan Air base. (2013)
  • Manufacturing & Supplying booster sets to Prince Salman Palace in Jeddah. (2013)
  • Supplying chiller pumps for Ras Alkhair industrial city (first and second stages) (2013).
  • Supplying Circulation pumps to Maather Palace project in Riyadh city. (2013)
  • Supplying Sewage submersible pumps for many location belongs to SEC –Saudi Electricity  company. (2012)
  • Supplying End suction pumps for Rafha sewage treatment station/ Water and electricity ministry. (2012)
  • Manufacturing & Supplying Booster sets and sewage pumps to Dream tower in Riyadh. (2011)
  • Manufacturing & Supplying Booster sets to Ashamiyah  Project in Mekkah. (2013)
  • Supplying circulation pumps to Attraif buildings at Dareyah/  (2013)
  • Manufacturing & Supplying Booster set to the National Guards in Riyadh (2013)
  • Supplying circulation pumps and sewage submersible pumps to Prince Nasser Bin Jalwi project in Riyadh. (2013)
  • Supplying Sewage submersible pumps to Techno Valley project at King Fahd university of Petroleum and Minirals. (2013)

Finally . .
Arabian Brothers Company (abc) will continue the progress according to the five years plan (2014-2018) and promises its customers to be more close to their needs, will open more branches, and will present more superior services.



P.O.Box 280513 RIYADH 11392 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Arabian Brothers Co. Head Office: Tel: 011-482 3987/011-495 4353
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Jeddah Branch: Tel: 012-664 7998, Fax: 012-664 7998
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